Sharon’s Learning Fair to Focus on Farm to School

Sharon june

Sharon Elementary School: “Our gardens are put to bed, but the cooking and learning continue here at Sharon. The first and second grade classrooms made two school wide snack taste test. The school enjoyed applesauce and roasted butternut squash. The apples came from a local orchard and the butternut squash came from our garden! As a school, the staff met to discuss the future of our farm to school program. We’ve decided to focus our annual learning fair this year on farm to school! Classes will be busy developing what they want to share with the community!” Keenan Haley, Third Grade Teacher

​ Sharon Farm and Field Day a Success!

SharonSharon-farm-and-field-day 2​ Farm and Field Day a Success!

On Thursday, May 26th, we enjoyed our annual Farm and Field Day! Children rotated through a variety of stations. Stations included: ducks, sheep, circle art, work songs, planting in the production garden, building container gardens, and two games. It was a busy day, but super fun!

We are now finishing up our planting and looking forward to working the gardens over the summer and harvesting in the fall! – Keenan Haley, Teacher, Sharon Elementary School, Sharon, VT

Growing and Planning in Sharon!

SignWe’ve planted our garden beds on the south facing walls. We’ve put in radishes, lettuce and carrots. It’s an early start, but with the warm weather and the sun that hits this area, we already see evidence of growth! We also are experimenting with planting some garlic. Since we are having some cooler weather now, we went out before the frost and put a few rows of garlic in. We are hoping the frost tricks it into growing! Finally, plans for our annual, Farm and Field Day, are being finalized. This year’s event will take place on May 26th! – Keenan Haley, Teacher, Sharon Elementary School, Sharon, VT

Soups on in Sharon!

The soups keep coming! Using our garden harvest we have just tasted our third soup. This time the 5th grade made a borscht. They named it Bernie’s Borscht after a certain Presidential candidate! We have also harvested what may be our last round of lettuce from our south facing garden beds that are along our school wall. But, with this warm weather we’ve been having, you never know what could sprout up. Back to readying the gardens for next year! Oh, and some garlic planting. Keenan Haley, Teacher, Sharon Elementary School, Sharon, VT

Soup for all in Sharon!

What a growing season! Most of our gardens have been put to bed, but we are still harvesting some herbs, kale, potatoes, leeks and HUGE guilfeather turnips. The Third Graders just made a wonderful potato/leek soup for the whole school. Next up, the fourth graders will make a Wild Apple/ Banana Squash soup. In fact, every class will be making a soup in the coming weeks for the school to eat. And the best part is, almost all the ingredients are right from our school yard! – Keenan Haley, Teacher, Sharon Elementary School, Sharon, VT

Gardens to the Lunchroom in Sharon

We continue to harvest from our gardens! Our lunch has featured roasted root veggies, kale chips and fresh salad fixings all from our school yard. Classes are beginning to harvest their own gardens in preparation for different food experiences. Our upcoming Jr. Iron Chef event will feature the Sharon team using produce from the garden in their recipes. They are whipping up some yummy dishes! Keenan Haley, Teacher, Sharon Elementary, Sharon, VT