NH FTS logo 2USDA Procurement Regulations and Farm to School Practices

Presented by Stacey Purslow, NH Farm to School program coordinator


USDA Procurement regulations regarding school food purchases will be enforced starting on July 1, 2016. Purchases made for any federally funded meal program will have to comply. Documentation of your procurements will become part of the audits that the Bureau of Nutrition Programs and Services does. This workshop is appropriate for food service staff, farm to school coordinators, and farmers interested in selling to schools and provides an overview of the requirements with a focus on farm to school and how to use the process to make local food purchases. 
New Hampshire Farm to School is a program of the Sustainability Institute at the University of New Hampshire. Stacey Purslow, DTR,  has been the program coordinator since 2009. Stacey has a background in food service and nutrition and also coordinates the New Hampshire School and Youth Garden Network as well as New Hampshire Gleans.

When: Thursday, December 10
Where: Co-op Food Store, Lebanon, NH (Culinary Learning Center)
Time: 3:30-5 pm
Cost: FREE! (but please register, space is limited)
Registration: http://bit.ly/1iD5JJ5

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The School Meals-Food Access-Farm to School Connection

Presented by Anore Horton, Hunger Free Vermont, Nutrition Initiatives Director

Do you know about all of the different federally funded meal programs available to schools and community organizations? In this customized workshop, you will learn which child nutrition programs your school or organization is eligible for and which ones your school is using. You will also learn about which types of students are participating and which ones are not. You will learn how you can help ensure that families have enough food at home. Most importantly, you will leave with specific actions you can take to strengthen your school’s meal program finances, and at the same time reach more students with nutritious and local food. This program is appropriate for food service staff, farm-to-school coordinators, school administrators and anyone interested in finding creative ways to feed our children.

Anore leads the Nutrition Initiatives Team at Hunger Free Vermont, which works with schools, community organizations, food service providers, state and federal policymakers, and agency partners to develop and expand federally funded school lunch and breakfast programs, after-school and summer meal programs, and childcare meal programs.

When: Wednesday, January 6
WhereSamuel Morey Elementary School
Time: 3-5:30 pm
Cost: FREE (but please register, space is limited)
Registration: http://bit.ly/1liJpq0