FarmRaisers are a true community partnership and a simple concept: Buy local, fresh, healthy farm products and support your school at the same time. Parents and schools are looking for ways to hold fundraisers that meet school wellness policies, keep money in the local community, support local businesses, and offer products that families want and need. We think the FarmRaiser may be the answer!

FarmRaisers are like a traditional school fundraiser, but they offer delicious, healthy farm products for sale to school communities. Children will go home with simple brochures detailing the available farm products for sale. There is a range of prices ensuring that everyone can participate.

Farmers get a good price for their quality products, and potential new customers for their farm business. Schools add a markup that meets their fundraising goals. Oftentimes, families will contribute to fundraisers even if they don’t want the products for sale, but in this case they know they are supporting their local farms, which is a high priority for Upper Valley residents.

We suggest you read through the materials and contact us with questions. We are happy to guide you through the process.

Thank you to the following for support in developing FarmRaisers in the Upper Valley: Vermont Community Foundation, Jane’s Trust, Upper Valley Healthy Eating Active Living, Mascoma Savings Bank Foundation, Children’s Fund of the Upper Valley.

Upper Valley Healthy Eating Active Living, and the Center for Cartoon Studies joined Vital Communities in this project.

FarmRaiser Tools

Single Farm Introductory Email

This page has helpful information for you to use when emailing or calling a single farmer to be involved in your FarmRaiser.

Multiple Farms Introductory Email

This page has helpful information for you to use when emailing or calling multiple farms to be involved in your FarmRaiser.

Order Log

Download this excel spreadsheet to keep track of your orders. The spreadsheet has embedded formulas to help you tally up orders.


Download this writable PDF to make 8 1/2 x 11 posters for your school and community.

Brochure - Single Farm

Download this writable PDF and personalize for your school’s FarmRaiser when working with a single farm. These can be printed at your school or a local copy center.

Brochure - Multiple Farms

Download this writable PDF or word doc (change highlighted sections) and personalize for your school’s FarmRaiser when working with multiple farms. These can be printed at your school or a local copy center.

Incentive Stickers

These can be printed on Avery 5294 and handed out to students who participate in the FarmRaiser.

Harvest of the Month

Learn More

harvest of the monthThis is month is Parsnips, here is some info for you and recipes, etc.

What's Happening

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Vital Communities Program News


Becka Warren

Food & Farm Coordinator

Food & Farm

 802-291-9100 x112

Food & Farm

— Becka Warren, Food & Farm Coordinator

Part of Vital Communities' Food & Farm team since 2012, Becka fosters relationships that keep agriculture a daily part of community life in the Upper Valley. She works with current and future farmers, businesses, schools, and partners across Vermont and New Hampshire to build connections that support farm viability and keep our landscapes working. Becka lived in Seattle for many years, where she worked for the Washington State University Small Farms Program, Cascade Harvest Coalition, Seattle Tilth, and area vegetable farms. Becka is also a writer, founding and writing Ask Umbra at until 2009. She holds a BA from Brown University and lives in Hartland, Vermont, with her family.

Beth Roy

Food & Farm Manager

Valley Quest, Food & Farm

 802-291-9100 x105

Valley Quest, Food & Farm

— Beth Roy, Food & Farm Manager

Beth leads Vital Communities' Food & Farm team, including its Upper Valley Farm to School programming, and also oversees Valley Quest. Before joining Vital Communities, Beth worked in the environmental and place-based education fields for 17 years in various positions around New England including at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science and as the Director of Education at the Nature Museum in Grafton, Vt. She previously served on the boards of the Vermont Science Teacher Association and the Vermont State-Wide Environmental Education Programs, a coalition of dozens of individuals and organizations promoting sustainability and environmental education in Vermont. Beth is a New Hampshire native and lives in Hartland, Vt., with her husband and two children, and serves on the Hartland School Board. When Beth is not working you will find her exploring the woods around her home with her family or cooking up a new taste test (made of local foods, of course!) for her children.

Doreen Guillette

Assistant to the Executive Director, Flavors Coordinator

Food & Farm

 802-291-9100 x104

Food & Farm

— Doreen Guillette, Assistant to the Executive Director, Flavors Coordinator

Doreen Guillette joined Vital Communities in January 2020 as the Flavors of the Valley Coordinator and Assistant to the Executive Director, with many years of administrative and management experience at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, self-employment, and volunteering. An Upper Valley native, Doreen spends most of her time and energy caring for her mini-farm and a large family in Norwich. She is a strong advocate for local community and is president of the Beaver Meadow Chapel, Trustee of the Beaver Meadow Schoolhouse, and Co-Chair of the West Norwich Community Resilience Organization. Doreen enjoys hiking, kayaking, writing poetry, nature photography, and cooking meals that come from her own land.

Nancy LaRowe

Food & Farm and Local First Coordinator

Local First, Food & Farm

 802-291-9100 x106

Local First, Food & Farm

— Nancy LaRowe, Food & Farm and Local First Coordinator

Nancy joined Vital Communities as the Food & Farm Coordinator in 2014. She works to support and grow our local food system and economy. Nancy has lived, worked, and farmed in the Upper Valley for more than 25 years and believes our community is healthier and stronger when our connections to food and the farms that produce it stay vital.

Nancy's informal job title is Farmer-in-Residence: she also runs a pasture-based cattle farm in Norwich. Nancy is on the Board of the Norwich Farmers' Market and a retired Norwich volunteer firefighter and EMT. She loves puttering in the garden, hiking with her dog, and visiting farmers' markets.