Thanks to our volunteers!

Special thanks to volunteers Ted Frazer, Lois Frazer, Linda Kahl, and Misty Dumont! These avid Questers have been busy this summer checking on Quests, replacing missing Quest boxes, updating clues, and helping recruit box monitors.

These folks recently put up a new birdhouse built by Ted Frazer at the Valley Quest of White River Junction to house the treasure box. (And don’t miss our feature on Ted and his birdhouses!)


Valley Quest of WRJ

Volunteer Spotlight: Ted Frazer

Have you ever come to the end of a Valley Quest and found the treasure box hidden inside a wooden birdhouse?

Chances are that box was either built or repaired by Ted Frazer.

Ted is a woodworker who taught at Lebanon Junior High School in the shop program for 40 years. Based in Etna, New Hampshire, he currently teaches in the Dartmouth College Woodworking Workshop.

Ted and his wife Lois have been avid Valley Questers since 2001. In their free time, the couple serve as box monitors for numerous Valley Quests and are longtime volunteers with the program.

Several years ago, Vital Communities approached Ted about repairing some of the original wooden Quest boxes in Woodstock that were showing signs of age. In the years since, Ted has been our go-to volunteer for making and repairing the wooden Quest birdhouses found throughout the Upper Valley.

Ted builds these custom birdhouses in several designs. Some boxes feature a bottom panel that drops like a trap door, releasing the Quest box inside. Other birdhouses, including the more recent models, feature a special front panel that opens out to reveal a Quest box.

These birdhouses are beautiful, handcrafted treasures that enrich the Valley Quest program. Thank you, Ted, for helping make the Upper Valley a special place!


Do you have a special talent that you’d like to contribute to Valley Quest? Let us know!

Where to Buy the Best of Valley Quest Book

If you’re interested in Questing, then you have probably noticed that many of the Quests posted online are located in “The Best of Valley Quest Book.” If you don’t know what that is, Best of Valley Quest is a book containing clues to 70 of the best Quests in the Upper Valley!

It’s easy to order the Best of Valley Quest online or through phone/email, but we’re also proud to have our books for sale in several locations around the Upper Valley. If you’re out Questing one afternoon, and the Quest you want to do isn’t listed on the Valley Quest App or through our website as a pdf, then you can pick up the book in any of the following locations:

  • Dan & Whit’s in Norwich, VT
  • King Arthur Flour in White River Junction, VT
  • Main Street Books in Warner, NH
  • Morgan Hill Bookstore in New London, NH
  • Norwich Bookstore in Norwich, VT
  • The Montshire Museum in Norwich, VT
  • The Fells in Newbury, NH
  • VINS in Quechee, VT
  • Yankee Bookshop in Woodstock, VT
  • Hartford Welcome Center in Hartford, VT

Once you have the book, you’ll have access to Quests that take you all over the Upper Valley. The book is as easy to use as our app and website, and includes a place for you to document stamps from each Quest you go on. Whether you’re a long time Quester, or just joining in on the fun, the Best of Valley Quest is the perfect way to enhance your Questing experience by putting clues right at your fingertips.