Watershed Challenge Submissions Are In!

This summer, Vital Communities launched a special Valley Quest initiative known as the Watershed Quest Challenge. Through this fun, educational contest, we challenged individuals and teams (including school classes) to write a Valley Quest about any river, stream, pond, or wetland in the Upper Valley. The Challenge ran for the Questing season, and closed on December 15. We’ve received some amazing submissions and are thrilled to add them to our official Valley Quest list this winter. These new Quests spotlight a wealth of Upper Valley treasures: a well-loved stream, a brook edged with bountiful wildlife, a state park hugging the Black River, two cascading waterfalls, two old mill towns where rivers shaped history, and so much more.

We can’t wait to share these new Quests, and the special places they feature, with all of you. More than 150 Questers, and a few watershed conservation educators, have put a lot of thought into what makes these places so special, and they are ready to share this value with their Upper Valley neighbors. We hope you check them out this coming Valley Quest season (opens May 1) and find something to treasure, too.

Lastly (drum roll please), we’ll be judging these submissions this spring and will announce a winner on May 1, 2018. The winner will get a special prize, and the top 5 Quests will be featured on the 2018 Super Quest! Stay tuned!