Quest to the Star!

Have you seen the star alight upon Mt. Tom in Woodstock?  Wouldn’t it be fun to see it up close?  You can if you follow the clues of the Mt. Tom Quest. The star traditionally was only lit over the holidays, but to be a symbol of hope during the pandemic it will light up the night until we get through this.

A gradual ascent from Faulkner Park in Woodstock to the summit of Mt. Tom provides amazing views of Woodstock Village and its surroundings. At this time of year you will want to take your microspikes with you in case the trail is a bit slippery.

Make sure to read the historical information sign in the park to learn about Mrs. Faulkner, a great benefactor for the Upper Valley.  And did you know folks used to downhill ski on Mt. Tom?  Read the story here.