Best of Valley Quest

Best of Valley Quest is a collection of 70 of the BEST Upper Valley treasure hunts. Best of Valley QuestIf you like exploration and adventure, you’ll love Best of Valley Quest! Follow intriguing maps and clues to find the Upper Valley region’s secret, special places—sites like Ben Thresher’s Mill, the Esther Currier Wildlife Sanctuary, Lyme Pinnacle, and the Justin Morrill Homestead. Whether you are a visitor to the Upper Valley or a life-long resident, Valley Quest is your ticket to adventure. A day out questing will help you discover and learn about the landscape and heritage we share.

At the end of each quest you’ll find—perhaps hidden in a stone wall or hollow tree—a treasure box containing a sign-in guest book and a handmade rubber stamp. Sign in and collect the impression of the stamp. Collect the impression of 20 different quest stamps and earn a colorful Valley Quest patch.

Available at your favorite bookstore for $24.95. Or you can order online or by phone/email.

“The school children, teachers, land-owners and others who designed these quests have performed a genuine service and given something of real value to their communities. Their book is, in effect, a vital treasury of experience.” – Vermont Life

“… The Best of Valley Quest is the perfect guide to such experiences and to the many special places available in the Connecticut Valley.Vermont Magazine

“So if you’re looking for something to do with friends, family or guests, try a quest. You might like it as a once-in-a-while activity…or you might get hooked.” – Kearsarge Magazine

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