Every summer Valley Quest recruits an intern to help us monitor our 170+ Quests. Carrie Borowy joined us in March as our spring and summer Valley Quest intern for 2017.

Carrie dove into the Valley Quest program headfirst in March. She helped write the new Farm-Way Quest as well as an upcoming Quest made with the 5th graders at the Union Street School in Springfield, VT. She helped get the 2017 Super Quest and other Valley Quest promotional materials distributed for the start of the season. Now that summer is on its way, you’ll most likely find her out checking and updating Quests throughout the Upper Valley!

So far, her favorite Quests are the Hemlock Paradise Pool Quest in Thetford and the Flat Rock Quest in Orford. “It’s a toss-up,” says Carrie. “Both lead to beautiful swimming holes! I had no idea they were in the area until I completed those Quests.” She’s looking forward to taking a canoe out on the Loon Quest and Connecticut River Quest this summer!

Carrie recently earned her BSc in Biology from the University of British Columbia. Her four years out West kindled her passion for the natural sciences at both the ecological and cellular level. A Hanover native, Carrie loves the beautiful views and unique sense of community the Upper Valley has to offer. Her favorite pastimes include finding new swimming holes, learning how to play the guitar, trying new foods, and sketching floor plans of small homes.