Hartford in the Civil War Quest

Hartford, VT
Difficulty: Moderate
Special Features: Civil War, Historical
Walking Conditions: Trail
Duration: :45
Season: May-Oct
Bring: Pencil


Journey back to the 1860s on this tour of Hartford Village Cemetery.

Our setting: Hartford, Vermont in the winter of 1860. The fields have been put to sleep, and in November President Lincoln is elected under the banner, “We cannot be a nation divided, half slave and half free.” As southern states secede, President Lincoln calls for 75,000 troops. This quest begins at the stone of Allen Gilson, one of the first to answer the call.


From the Intersection of Routes 5 and 14 in White River Junction, travel northwest (towards West Hartford) on Route 14. Soon you will see I-91 crossing high over Route 14 ahead of you. Before that overpass, look for the Hartford Cemetery on your right; park in the lot just before the Cemetery, along the chain link fence.

Clues and Map

Click here to view/print the clues and map for this quest.


Created with collaborative participation of Jen Boeri-Boyce's students at Hartford Middle School (2006-7), Upper Valley teachers participating in a Valley Quest workshop, and Valley Quest intern extraordinaire Julie B. Barnes! Ending revised in 2021.

Update to this Quest

N.B.: The PDF you can download above is up to date. If you are using the 2008 book Best of Valley Quest, insert these clue updates:

October 2013. One of the trees from paragraph 2 is gone. So pass by one hydrangea and on through 2 Hazens.

September 3, 2010. Just before missing letter number 7, we spelled the name of the Civil War soldiers name wrong — It should be Orrin! Sorry about that!

October 2021: The final clues now read:

Place all your letters in order and you will see

The end of this Hartford Civil War mystery.

To your right find your treasure in a nook of the:
_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____
1                 2             3            4            5            6
_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ______
7                   8           9          10         11            12
NOTE: The Norway Spruce has been removed, so face the monument and look
to your slight right..about 15 degrees from the monument. In the crook of a cedar tree, you will find your treasure. About 5.5 feet up from the ground.