Haverhill Corner

Haverhill, NH
Difficulty: Easy
Special Features: Architectural, Historical
Walking Conditions: Pavement
Duration: 1:00
Season: May-Oct
Bring: Compass, Pencil


This walking tour features architectural gems in the Historic District.

Alumni Hall, the 19th century Grafton County Courthouse and 20th century Haverhill Academy auditorium and gymnasium has been preserved and revitalized through the efforts of Haverhill Heritage, Inc. Haverhill Corner is a place where history, culture, art, the land and community come together. For more information: http://www.town.haverhill.nh.us/alumihallmainpag.html.


Travel on NH Route 10 to the village of Haverhill Corner. Turn east on Court Street (between the two greens) and travel a block and a half, until you see Alumni Hall, with its cupola, on your left. The Quest begins in front of Alumni Hall.

Clues and Map

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Created by Allinora Rosse, Steve Glazer and Edith Celley in 2002

Update to this Quest

Near the end of the Quest when you turn right towards the towers, the white house — once the home of Charles Johnston — is still there, but it is no longer a dentist’s office. The recent Quest ending has been updated: (it is no longer There you are. Now take a seat. Isn’t this place sweet? Now back to Alumni Hall with pillars tall. Walk in. Greet who is there. Ask and your treasure will appear.) The new ending can be found in linked Quest, and reads:

There you are. Now take a seat. Isn’t this place sweet?

Look high and low and high again

Treasure sits where a dove may rest upon its feet

Hiding out the rain