Miraculous Trees


Fairlee, VT
Difficulty: Moderate
Special Features: Natural
Walking Conditions: Pavement, Trail
Duration: :45
Season: May-Oct
Bring: Binoculars, Measuring Tape


Discover the trees of the northern forest – and meet a surprising survivor.


Take Route 5 either south from Fairlee or north from East Thetford to the village of Ely. From Ely, take ROute 244 west underneath I-91 to Bragg Hill road and follow it to the end. Park at the cemetery - your Quest begins here.

Clues and Map

Sorry this quest has been Closed.
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Update to this Quest

The chestnut tree highlighted in this Quest sadly has succumbed to the chestnut blight and will be taken down this year, causing us to close this beloved Quest. 4/18/2017


This quest originally appeared in Valley Quest:89 Treasure Hunts. It was revised and included in Best of Valley Quest. If you are using Valley Quest I, you will need this clue update.In the fourth paragraph, the pole number should be 6-5B not 6-SB! Sorry about that.10/20/08