Oli’s Eagle Quest

Hanover, NH
Difficulty: Moderate
Special Features: Natural
Walking Conditions: Trail
Duration: 1:00
Season: May-Oct
Bring: Binoculars, Field Guide


This Quest takes you into the 113-acre Greensboro Ridge Natural Area, the Hanover Conservancy’s largest fee-owned property, which protects habitat for bobcat, black bear, spotted salamanders and many more creatures, while providing an important link to the Appalachian Trail. This preserve is the result of a successful partnership with Simpson Development, who agreed to cluster the Silent Brook and Velvet Rocks developments in order to protect the remaining 113 acres as a natural area. The Town of Hanover was instrumental in this land’s protection in 2008 and holds the conservation easement.

Greensboro Ridge offers a natural retreat just east of downtown Hanover, off Greensboro Road. The predominant natural community is upland forest composed of white pine and hemlock. Small intermittent streams cross the property, and tucked-away vernal pools are a delight to explore in the spring months. The trail traverses a breathtaking landscape as it climbs up the ridge and connects with the Appalachian Trail near Velvet Rocks.  Visitors will remark on the preserve’s ferny clearings, woodland streams, mossy glens, and dramatic rock ledges. Bikes are allowed only on the Silent Brook Trail, and hunting for white-tailed deer is allowed north of this trail.


From Hanover, head towards Lebanon on Route 120 and turn left at the first signal light onto Greensboro Road. Continue for a quarter of a mile then turn left onto Velvet Rocks Drive. Go all the way to the top of the hill and park in the cull-de-sack. Your Valley Quest starts at the trailhead marked by a wooden sign.

Clues and Map

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Created by Kelsey Smith, Hanover High School, 2015