The Broad Street Park Quest

Claremont, NH
Difficulty: Easy
Special Features: Architectural, Historical
Walking Conditions: Pavement
Duration: 1:00
Season: May-Oct


This Quest takes you from the center of downtown Claremont out to other areas not far away — giving you knowledge of what’s there if you slow down and walk! And you end up visiting a great park — Monadnock Park.


This quest is in the center of Claremont's downtown and municipal area. It can be reached via Exit 8 of I-91, and proceeding east on 103 East/12 North about 5 miles until you reach Opera House Square. Turn right onto Broad Street in front of City Hall, and park in the municipal parking lot. Or, come to the center of Claremont on Route 103 West from Newport, or 12 North from Charlestown. Again, park at the municipal parking lot on Broad Street across from Broad Street Park. The Quest begins when you stand at the corner of Broad St and Opera House Square, near Steven Nemi Accounting at 103 Broad St, directly across the street from the front of City Hall. Please stand where you have a good vantage of "The Moody Building," a large brick structure with white portico that houses such businesses as Farro Deli, Violet's Bookstore, and the Claremont Chamber of Commerce, facing Opera House Square. This is where your Quest begins.

Clues and Map

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Created by Family School Connections "Camp Energy" CIT's summer 2009.

Update to this Quest

May ’19 update: The last 4 stanzas now read:

Facing his stone walk straight ahead about 45 steps,

Find a double stone where two brothers rest.


The Putnam brothers died in their sleep,

Carbon monoxide from their coals they inhaled deep.


Continue forward, to the left, and head for a walled tomb,

The Bingham family is buried there in one giant room.


The treasure you seek is in the beautiful wall,

Bend down low, but don’t stand tall.

Sign in the book, then stamp where you may.

You quest is done, so have a great day!