The Forest Quest

Woodstock, VT
Difficulty: Moderate
Special Features: Natural
Walking Conditions: Trail
Duration: 2:00
Season: May-Oct
Bring: Binoculars, Compass, Field Guide, Pencil


See and “read” landscape history as you journey along carriage roads.


Take Route 4 to Woodstock and then Route 12 north from Woodstock. Turn left onto Propser Road (2.7 miles beyond Billings Farm). Take Prosper Road for 0.7 miles to the trail head parking lot on your left.

Clues and Map

Click here to view/print the clues and map for this quest.


Created by Steve Glazer in 2002, as part of the Forest for Every Classroom program.

Update to this Quest

Logging has been done. Updates as of summer 2010:

Clue 3. Over the culvert then 80 steps to where the pines stretch tall.

Clue #15 LONG reverse: back to hemlock; uphill stopping at the sign.

How many letters do you find? Turning left is right!

Clue 17. On you go! A tiny bridge, and down to a fork. You’re in a forest glade, with a mix of trees naturally made.
Now keep eyes open for trees planted in a line.
When you find this plantation whisper the words “red pine”

Updates as of 2018:
18. Keep right looking for an ancient sugar maple, an old pasture tree.

It’s hollow you can plainly see.

On the north side of this aging giant, your Quest ends—

pause in silence for a moment, you’ve made a new friend.