Wright’s Mountain

Bradford, VT
Difficulty: Difficult
Special Features: Natural, Vista
Walking Conditions: Trail
Duration: 2:30
Season: May-Oct
Bring: Binoculars, Compass, Field Guide


Discover a conserved working forest – and a great view of the Waits River watershed.


Get off I-91 at exit 16 (Bradford/Piermont exit). Go northwest up the Waits River on Route 25. Continue for 4.8 miles. Turn right on to Wright's Mountain Rd. and then head up hill for 2.4 miles (staying to the right as it forks). You will park in the Wright's Mountain parking lot to your right.

Clues and Map

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Update to this Quest

This quest originally appeared in Valley Quest:75 More Treasure Hunts. It was revised and included in Best of Valley Quest.If you are using Valley Quest II you will need to use these clue updates: This Quest asks you to count water bars along the way — since the logging was completed, there are lots more water bars, but the Quest still works and is lots of fun. It works up until the ending.New Ending:From the standing dead pine (snag), look down in the crevasse of the rocks. And you will find your treasure box! Please remember those before you, And respect those yet to come. When you’ve finished with the box, Do not hide it cleverly like a red fox, But be as accurate as a bat, And put the box back exactly where it was at! September 2011 The snag has decomposed a bit and is more of a rotting stump of a white pine. Look for the crevasse in the rocks and you will find your box!