Getting outdoors is good for your mental, physical, and spiritual health, especially during this time of added stress due to COVID-19. We are closely following our state government recommendations in Vermont and New Hampshire regarding outdoor activities. The good news is that while staying close to home,  you can still go outside, and very likely, a nearby Valley Quest can take you on a fun learning adventure!  

If you find a Quest close to home, make sure you keep appropriate physical distance from others while following the clues. Do not handle the treasure box that you may find at the end of the Quest (NOTE: not all of the boxes are out yet).  Instead, take a photo of the box in its location (and the view!), perhaps including yourself and any companions. Post photos on social media, we would love to see them: @vitalcommunities, #valleyquest, #uppervalley.

Another idea is to make a Quest with your family or neighbors.  Pick sites around your property or neighborhood, and write clues that lead from one to the other. Perhaps a neighbor knows some interesting history about your neighborhood that you can incorporate into the clues.  Instead of a treasure box you could suggest folks take photos or make drawings along the way to share that they have completed the Quest. Here is a link to instructions for making a Quest.  

So get creative, go exploring, and keep close to home observing all the health and safety precautions our states are advising. For more resources on how to safely recreate outside during this time visit Upper Valley Trail Alliance and the National Recreation and Park Association.